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The Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) is the subsidiary organ of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, which has been entrusted with trade promotion and investment among the OIC Member States. 
Its main objectives are as follows:
  • To encourage regular trade exchanges among Member States:
  • To promote investments likely to develop trade flows;
  • To contribute to the promotion of Member states' products and encourage access to foreign markets;
  • To promote trade information;
  • To assist Member States in the fields of Trade Promotion and international negotiations;
  • To extend assistance to enterprises and economic operators;
  • To participate in the trade fairs organised by ICDT.

Organisational Chart

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Trade Promotion :
  • To promote contacts between Member States' Businessmen ;
  • To ensure the promotion of Member States' production by regularly holding the Islamic Trade Fair and specialised showrooms
  • To assist Member States with creating and organising Export Promotion Centres ;
  • To extend consultancy and expert services to Member States in the field of trade promotion. 
Trade Information:

    Trade Information :
  • To collect and disseminate trade information ;
  • To Develop Trade data bases and facilitate their remote access ;
  • To Assist Member states with setting up and organising documentation and information centres and Trade Information Networks.

Investment Promotion :
  • To encourage intra-O.I.C investments ;
  • To promote foreign investments in the O.I.C Member States ;
  • To encourage partnership between Member States' economic operators ;
  • To provide consultancy and expert services to Member States in the area of investments promotion and in particular export oriented investments.

Studies and research :
  • To publish an annual report on Inter-Islamic Trade ;
  • To undertake sectorial product and market studies ;
  • To examine the ways and means likely to alleviate obstacles to trade among Member States.

Training :
  • To organise seminars and training sessions ;
  • To help Member States establish expert groups in the various fields of trade development.

International Negotiations :
  • Assist Member States in trade negotiations ;
  • To extend assistance to enterprises with a view to facilitating their adaptation to economic globalisation.